Helping you deepen your connection with God, yourself and others
through online presentations and retreats.

Who I Am


Hello! My name is Jenny Ocegueda-Reynosa and I am passionate about people and their relationship with God. I believe we have all been created in love by our God and are meant to live joyful and abundant lives while on this earth.

God loves you and wants the best for you. God is always working to help you to become your best self. However, sometimes we don't always learn how to recognize God's presence or action in our lives.

How I Can Help You


Program of "Life in Abundance"


The “Life in Abundance” program is a two-year program for the human and spiritual formation of the person.  It consists of modules on different topics that help you understand yourself better, learn techniques that can help you find more personal freedom, more self-acceptance, healing from past emotional wounds, more inner peace and the ability to see ourselves as God sees and loves us.  I invite you to invest in your growth and learn how you can fully appreciate yourself as the blessed person that God dreams for you.

You can register for a particular module and not the whole program.

First Year Topics Available

Opening Retreat:
Images of God

1st Module:
The Self - Who am I? 

2nd Module:
The Mind and Self-Esteem 

3rd Module:
Emotions - Dealing with them 

4th Module:
The Hidden Shadow 

5th Module:
The Physical Body 

Closing Retreat:
Healing the Inner Child

Second Year Topics Available


Opening Retreat:
Self-Love as Christian Disciples

1st Module:
Spirituality and Prayer 

2nd Module:
Relationships – Communication  

3rd Module:
Making Moral Decisions 

4th Module:
Servant Leadership

5th Module:
Feminine Power

Closing Retreat:
Leadership Empowerment


All modules will be given on Thursday through Zoom
from 7:00 pm — 9:15 pm (PST). To participate in the sessions, please contact
me before to send the connection.

At the beginning of each year, there will be a Zoom Retreat to plant
the subjects of study for that year and at the end of the year
there will be another Closing Retreat to close the topics.

Spiritual Life Coaching:

I am available for coaching in your spiritual life if there is a specific area you want to learn more about and grow.

I help by using techniques, questions to ponder and reflect on, and accompanying you to deepen your self-knowledge and life skills.

Grief can cause great internal struggles. I can accompany you in learning techniques that help you cope and process your grief.

We all need to learn to honor our feelings and know how to learn to live in our new reality with the loss of someone or something we can no longer have.